20 Feb

Science-Fiction Can Influence the Creative Mind

Fans of science-fiction are a loyal lot. More than just follow along with their favorite motion pictures and television programs, they live through them. Science-fiction novels and other tales may live through their fans in overt ways. Cosplay is a perfect example of how this is done. And then there are more subtle ways in which a love of science-fiction comes through. Creative and artistic pursuits may reveal a love for science-fiction — a very positive thing. The stylized and futuristic look of all things sci-fi can definitely enhance the visual appearances of almost anything.

Science-fiction is alluring. Overall, the science-fiction genre has a positive air to it. Yes, there are dystopian works to be sure but most sci-fi — to most people — is a genre of upbeat whimsy. Creative people of all stripes can tap into such upbeat sentiments.

Futuristic-Looking Website Design

Taking advantage of a website builder is something publishers with “DIY inclinations” are prone to do. In addition to exploring their creativity, they can save a lot of money. When the website is only needed for minimal pursuits, working with a site builder program makes sense. The end result does not have to be a boring one. This is doubly true when science-fiction themed inspiration exists. Jazzing up a website’s borders with silvery colors common to make classic sci-fi movies would be a nice touch. The overall look does not have to be campy or over-the-top. Even minor sci-fi touches can have a nice visual effect. Website design is one example. Business cards, banner advertisements, t-shirts, and more could benefit from this unique stylistic approach.

Art and artistic pursuits do involve a creative process. A few things should be considered by those wondering about taking their creative pursuits in a fantastical direction.

Look for the Subtleties of Sci-Fi Entertainment

Grand special effects do make a unique spectacle out of science-fiction entertainment, but the art direction is what adds the little touches to the proceedings. Small things such as how simple furniture is tweaked to fit in with an image of a far off future reveals the attention to detail those crafting the entertainment display adhere to. Creative person should mute the volume on their favorite sci-fi movie or television show and look beyond the primary action in the frame. Try to focus on the minor touches. The influence of these little things might not be lost to a creative mind. What is kept in the back of the mind may come forth once again when the time comes to put together something unique, artistic, and futuristic.

20 Feb


The idea of women travelling on their own may seem outrageous and scary for the majority of the people, but traveling to a different place on your own provides you with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Travelling on your own doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re lonely. Rather, deciding to travel on your own to an unknown place is one that speaks volumes about how confident you are about being on your own. It takes guts to travel on your own to a totally different place, most especially if you’re a woman. If others can do it, why can’t you?

Find the courage to travel and then just do it.

Plan your trip wisely and proceed with everything in caution.

One of the major concerns for women travelling on their own involves their safety. Crimes like theft and sexual harassment are just some of the pressing issues that concern women who would like to try travelling on their own. Ensuring that you are in a safe environment with secure conditions is essential. Women naturally have this instinct to protect themselves.

 Here are a few tips to have a safe and pleasant trip: 


Wherever you may go, always proceed with caution. Be a woman who is self-reliant and independent. Come prepared with thorough research about the place you’re going to and take all the necessary preparations beforehand. Even if you’re new to a place, act like you actually know where you’re going. Even if you get lost, make sure to choose wisely when you ask people for help. Seek help from another woman, go to a store or restaurant to ask for directions or simply just study your map.

When in need of withdrawing cash, make sure to get what you need for the day and choose a busy street where there are lots of people passing by.

If you’re feel that there’s something isn’t right with someone who’s trying to talk to you, make every effort to leave as soon as possible. Never take food or drink from someone that you just met. Trust your gut instinct on this. Even if in the end you find yourself mistaking a person’s intentions, it’s always worth trusting your instincts than to being sorry later.


Always observe the people that you encounter and try to learn from their ways and their culture. Be highly observant about the place that you’re going to and learn whatever you can, especially about directions. Try to map out and picture in your mind the layout of your hotel’s streets to keep you from getting lost. You never go wrong when you are more observant of the place and the people around you.


Once you arrive at your hotel, consider using their local public transportation to visit different tourist spots. Knowing how the transportation system works in a certain place is crucial so you’ll know how to get to your destination and return to your hotel as well. Gather as much information as you can about how people travel and learn their ways. Be on the lookout for bus stops, terminals and landmarks while travelling to help keep you on track.

If you’re taking the train on long trips, avoid sleeping in empty cabins. It’s safer to share a room with someone than be on your own in times like these. Try sharing a compartment with a family or you can try asking for a female roommate.


Let’s face it, women will always have to deal with being seen as vulnerable and weak, especially as compared to men in general. Being vulnerable is what makes women perfect prey. Despite that, eventually you’ll have to learn how to deal with different kinds of men you meet along the way. One of the best ways to learn more about the place you’re staying is by talking to the locals. In smaller towns, the majority of the English speakers are men. So if you avoid talking to men entirely, you miss the opportunity to know more about the place.

Though there will always be a difference in terms of culture, learning how to deal with men is essential, especially if you’re travelling on your own. It’s ok to talk to men, but make sure to choose wisely who you’re talking to. Avoid giving out too much information, especially to people you’ve just met for the first time. Try staying with groups when exploring and avoid night strolls, especially in places with few people around.

In all places, always dress modestly to minimize unwanted attention from men. Learn from the women around the place and make sure to dress appropriately. If you want to be respected by men, you’ve got to act like someone who’s respectable. Be clear about your intentions and learn how to say NO clearly. Make sure to express it properly, using facial expressions and gestures to express what you feel. This will help ward off any unwanted attention.

Extra tip:

You can try wearing a fake wedding ring to ward off unwanted attention or pretend that you’re not travelling on your own and that you’re meeting someone who will be with you during your whole stay. This will help ward off opportunists and criminals from attempting to do anything to you.

Being a woman should never be a hindrance to where you want to go or what you want to do. Instead, let it empower you to find the woman you’ve been called to become as you embark on this journey of finding yourself.




20 Feb

Considerations in Accessible Tourism

Accessible tourism is one of the greatest improvements that has happened in the accommodation industry. It is a type of tourism that enables guests with access needs such as vision, mobility, cognitive dimensions of access, and hearing, to function with dignity and equity. Their independence is accomplished by delivering tourism products, environments, and services that are all universally designed. This definition includes senior citizens, people travelling with kids in prams, and people with disabilities. Take note of the following if you want to know more about accessible tourism:

  1. a)       Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. Here, your personal information is secure. It enables the U.S. Consulate, the Department of State, or the U.S. Embassy to reach you, your friends, or your family during an emergency, based on your preference.
  2. b)      To avoid accommodations that are inaccessible to you, you should learn to make calls and do research on the places you want to visit. You need to be certain that the places can provide your special needs, including wheelchair accessibility. Remember that your vacation does not need to be a struggle, just because you need special care.
  3. c)       Secure your bookings months ahead. It is more economical if you book your accessible accommodations months in advance. Remember that hotels located in European City Centers have only up to two rooms that are accessible. The best rooms are usually booked weeks in advance. If you want to leave for your summer vacation, complete your reservations as early as December.
  4. d)      Stay in parts of town that are accessible. Also, make sure that the areas outside your accessible hotel are also accessible. Research the hotel’s neighborhood by using apps like Google Map Street View, so that you can ask your chosen hotel anything you need to know about it.
  5. e)      Plan your route with care. Doing so allows you to see if there are accessible entrances, bus routes, sidewalks, train stations, and certain establishments.
  6. f)        Keep your back up plan. Every vacation has surprises. If there is an unpleasant surprise, be sure that you can deal with it. You can choose to travel with a person who can help you if ever there is a crisis. Be sure you remain calm and flexible, so that small setbacks do not ruin the trip. Back up plans make you enjoy your vacation despite the crises that happen.
  7. g)       Do you want a tour? Look for a company that specialized in accessible tourism, so that the tour you get is the smoothest and flattest ever. Here are some of the questions you can ask the driver or the guide:
  • What route will the guide choose?
  • Is the guide licensed and qualified?
  • Is the tour a personal one or will you be part of a group?
  • Have there been other disabled guests that the guide handled?

Always remember that you are having a vacation because you deserve it. Accessible tourism paves the way for accessible accommodation. Accessible accommodation is key in helping your stay become pleasant and comfortable despite your special needs. You need to be certain that everything is in order way before you pack your bags. So, do your homework and be prepared to enjoy your coming vacation.