24 Jan

Simple Guidelines On Choosing Your PPE Supplier

Providing a safe working environment is imperative and necessary. Aside from complying with the rules and regulations governing agencies have set, making sure that the working environment can be beneficial to the well-being of the workers and progress of the business.


And part of making sure that the workplace is safe is providing the necessary safety gear and equipment to employees, especially the ones working on the frontlines. Given the importance of this concept, employers and business owners are painstakingly choosing the right supplier that can supply them with the personal protective equipment they need. If you are in the process of scouting a safety shoes supplier in Dubai or any other PPE items, here’s a list of things to consider:



  • Provide certified products


OSHA and safety experts and authorities have provided the necessary guidelines to businesses when purchasing PPE for their workforce – from the materials of the items to the dimensions. To comply with the standards of these offices and organizations, you should deal with a supplier that can supply you a full catalog of certified PPE products. These suppliers should have direct contact to premier brands on the list or is certified to manufacture their indoor products.


  • Be wary of buying secondhand PPE items


There are suppliers of PPE that also offer second hand items. Although the price tag for these items can help you cut back on the cost, it might be more expensive than you think. Since these items have already been used, expect that their lifespans have immensely declined. Sooner or later, you will need to replace them. You might also need to check the quality of these products before you buy them.


  • Check the specs thoroughly


Using PPE with improper specs could put your workers at risk. Before you purchase in bulk, it would be best to identify your worker’s safety needs and what specs would address those concerns. Remember that protective gear and safety helmets in Dubai come in different specs and features. Knowing what would work best for your workers would not only keep them safe, but it would also save you from shelling out more money to replace the wrong ones.



  • Can provide the numbers you need


If you have a hundred workers operating on your site, it is imperative that you provide a hundred or more PPE. Be sure that your supplier can address your need for bulk orders and also deliver what you need in time. In this industry, time is of the essence and delays can cost tons of money. Not delivering on time will compromise your project timelines and deadlines.