05 Oct

Project Management Tips Managers Could Follow

Handling a project is not an easy thing. Many managers struggles to keep everything together, let alone manage one.

If you are handling one big project, these tips might be able to help you manage your assigned project with ease:

  • Create brief and summary of the project


The first order of business is to create a brief for your supposed team to read before the meeting. Usually, the management give the managers a summary of the project along with the objectives. Create your own brief based on your understanding and have the top management check it for approval. Once the management give their go signal, send it to the rest of the team.


The purpose of this task is for the team to have prior knowledge about the project. Having them come to the on-boarding meeting with no idea about the project would only cause delay as you need to explain everything. It would be best if they can do a little research as well.


  • Get everyone on board


Every team member is essential for the success of the project. So be sure that everyone is present during the onboarding. And they should not just be physically present. Each one should participate and give ideas for the implementation of the project. Think of ways to get the attention of everyone, it can be through games and other means. Most of all, make them feel that each one has a role.


  • Set and manage expectations


When you are leading a project, there will be expectations from both side. Your team expect you to do an excellent job on leading them, you have a couple of expectations from them to. As early as the onboarding, you need to set and manage this expectations so both parties know their scope and limits. This is essential in task delegation. So tell them your expectations and limitations and let them do the same. At the end of the meeting, have an agreement and compromise. Project management courses in Dubai can teach managers to quash unrealistic expectations and how to set a realistic one.

  • Start the timetable


Every project has a beginning and an end. A project without ending is considered a pending task and will be set aside. A timetable can prevent this from happening. But creating a timetable can be a tricky thing as there are lots of things that should be considered. Be meticulous on setting the timeline but be realistic as well. Allow some adjustments and changes to ensure give way to mistakes.

  • Delegate task


This is the hardest part as you need to breakdown the job details to each one of the team members. Be sure to do this before the onboarding and create clear instructions on what each one would do for the project. Have them read the task description and ask them if everything is clear.

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