07 Oct

Information about the different types of modular buildings

Also known as prefabricated constructions, modular buildings in South Africa are of two different types. To begin with, there are mobile offices and the second type is that of modular buildings. For those who don’t know, mobile offices typically happen to be supply buildings that construction companies use for the purpose to establish temporary office spaces. On the other hand, there are modular buildings that are specifically built as per the requirements set by the owner of the home.


The fact of the matter is that modular buildings are specifically constructed in controlled environments in a factory. These are known to be constructed using the same materials that are meant to be used for traditional buildings. For construction purposes, the contractor basically breaks up the floor plan of the building into several modules. With regards to the size of the module, these are known to range from anywhere between ten to eighteen feet in width. On the other hand, their length is known to vary from thirty to eighty feet. Once the modules are constructed at the factory, they are transported to the location and assembled as per the design of the home.


If truth be told, nearly ninety percent of modular buildings happen to be made in the factory. All of the modules are properly constructed with ceilings and walls in place. The wiring and carpeting of prefabricated hotel buildings is also done initially. Upon reaching the site, a flawless building is put together using the different modules that have been constructed at the factory. In most cases, these buildings are known to be based only on two modules at most.


There are many different purposes for which module buildings can be used. To begin with, these are used for residential purposes. But apart from that, these can also be used to establish daycare centers, dormitories, classrooms and schools etc. This construction method is also being used for the establishment of health care facilities and club houses.  Another aspect that needs to be mentioned here is that these can be prepared using many different finishes. These are inclusive of brick, steel, wood and so many more that can be used for the exteriors. These can further be customized with the help of several roof treatments, multiple doors and windows etc. In the recent years, the trend of constructing modular buildings with a more permanent appeal, which is why a bit more on site construction is required for them.