24 Jan

Five strategies to earn response on twitter

Twitter has attained immense popularity amongst the masses in the last few years. People like to have their tweets re-tweeted or grasp as much attention they can with their artistic words out in the public. It’s like when you’re driving on a road, you see sign boards aside; these sign boards are placed in such a manner that it comes to the drivers notice inevitably. Similarly, tweets should be driven in such a way that they catch response automatically.

There are three simple steps. The first one, as advised by social media influencers, is grabbing attention, which describes how you gain consideration on your profile by stating who you are. Second is audience, so that it makes people follow you, your tweets and retain them. And the last one is action, which lets people play strokes favoring your tweets and let others know about the same. Here, we are going to discuss the very basic category ‘attention’ which could teach us how to shape an outline even.

Tips that will help grab attention on Twitter

To get started with, the very first thing someone notices in your profile is a good eye catching photo. It should portray personality, professionalism and should be easily noticeable out in public. You username should not contain way too many special characters, underscores or ugly digits or signs in between. It should be clean & specific like your name or something defining your personality. You profile outlook should prompt your audience instantly recognize your name.

Second, you want your tweets to look apart from the crowd making yourself look a bit different in the stream of Twitter influencers. How do we do that? Suppose, if there are enough tweets which have used all 140 characters, limit your words and try for a smaller readable text. This would not only look short but catch attention from a maximum amount of live audience.

Third, one should also catch influencers by playing small tactics. You should use a little bit soft sell sort methodology or if you need some specific attention, just find an article that you like, re-tweet it in a transformed way such that you’re not getting that much response or it has been a really hard sell. This increases value and observances of influencers by this kind of effort.

Fourth, try to help as well as seek help from other users. Once you try to help someone with a good solution, it makes your profile noticeable to the owner’s eye as well as the public. Suppose if someone tweets, “Hey, can someone guide me through this problem of blah, blah” and ask for a re-tweet; it could gain lots & lots of attention just by asking help. When people start re-tweeting, it spontaneously comes to notice and your job is done.

And fifth, regularity; many of us want our logo or images to be recognized by lot of people instantly. It’s something like branding or promotion of an event, for example, a Café Coffee Day logo. You just don’t get straight to the influencer, ask questions, have detailing and then conclude your action. Make tweets asking & responding like a conversation on a consistent basis. Jumping off directly to the result shows a kind of quick sell or reaction.