02 Mar

Check the Label: Know the Synthetic Fragrances of Your Perfume

Most perfume manufacturers do not want their consumers to know the specific blends they are using in their products. In cases like this, the broad term “fragrance” is used. If you found this term in the label of your perfume, it only means that its fragrance is synthetic.  Aside from perfumes, you can also find this term in haircare products, detergents, and residential cleaning products.


Giving most citrus fruits their distinctive smell, Limonene is used as a synthetic fragrance and in water-free hand cleansers. Limonene is also used in the field of medicine. They say that this chemical promotes weight loss, treats bronchitis, and prevents cancer. Experts say that limonene blocks cancer-forming cells. Aside from those, it is also used as a flavoring in chewing gums and other foods and beverages.


Used in perfumes and other personal care products, Galaxolide are from fish from US and German waterways. This fragrance additive was first synthesized in 1965; a few years later, experts used this chemical in creating laundry detergents and fabric softeners. Galaxolide’s smell is sweet and slightly woody.


More commonly known by its trade name Musk Plus, Tonalide is strong persistent nitro-free musk which is commonly used in the perfume industry. It is one of the most known polycylic musks.

Musk Xylene

Just like any other synthetic fragrances available in the market, Must Xylene mimics natural musk but compared to others, it smells deeper and richer. In the 1980s, this perfume fixative was the most used of all “nitro-musks”. But because issues concerning safety and its effect to the environment were raised, the use of Musk Xylene has declined. The European Union is no longer using this synthetic fragrance. Also, many US companies are phasing it out.

Musk Ambrette

If you have a vintage perfume with Musk Ambrette in its label, do not use it anymore. This synthetic fragrance is already banned by the European Union because of numerous safety issues. It is believed that most perfume companies are not using Musk Ambrette anymore. But beware of perfume products made before the year 2000; they might still contain this hazardous chemical.

Basically, perfumes are composed of a base and fragrance compound. As a consumer, you must make sure that the you can trust your perfume manufacturer because some brands might still contain chemicals that are not good for your health. If you are looking for that perfume manufacturer in UAE that you can trust, just click here. We assure you that are products are safe for your health.