23 Jul

5 Study Habits That You Should Instill In Your Kid

Excelling in school is not a game of chance. In fact, a top nursery in Jumeirah Village Circle said that in order to do well in school, kids need to devote time and effort to ensure that they are on top of their lessons.

If you find your kid slacking on their studies, these study habit tips might help excel in school and engage them to study harder:

  • Create a routine

Some students do not have a study routine. They just go over their lessons and try to make sense out of it. But having a study routine can help you tackle all your lessons and not miss a thing. One routine that your kid can do is to start with the hard lessons until your kid reached the easy ones. But this would all depend on your kid’s learning style. So be sure to align your routine with your kid’s learning style.

  • Study at home

Most students try to cram as much information minutes before the exam. But this practice yields very little results. When people cram, they only remember the things that first and last seen, not all the information. It would be best to do your kid’s studying at home where they have an ample amount of time to tackle their lessons and there are less distractions.

  • Encourage breaks

Studying difficult lessons can be exhausting. At times, students would feel a bit lightheaded with all the information that they need to remember. It would be best to give your kid a 10-minute break each and after every lesson. This would help them refresh their mind and retain information. It can also help rejuvenate their eyes from intensive reading and looking too closely at their lessons.

  • Breakdown the lessons

When there are too much to learn, the best way to tackle everything is to breakdown the information. Try to create an outline of the questions and information that you need to learn. This way, it would be easier for you connect the dots and see what information goes with a corresponding question.

  • Map out the information

Another way you can retain information is to map out the lesson. This is more visual than an outline. You will be able to see the lessons in a visually-appealing manner, making it easier to remember and connect information with a corresponding problem.

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