15 Jan

5 Efficient Packing and Moving Methods To Make Relocating A Breeze

When moving time is nearing its scheduled date, families and homeowners cram to get everything ready. Sometimes, the lack of preparation can cause chaos during the move, making it more difficult than it already is.


But by implementing efficient packing and moving techniques, homeowners will be able to plan their move efficiently and get everything right the first time. Local and international movers in Dubai share some packing and moving hacks that can help homeowners in their upcoming relocation:


  • Pack the things you use rarely first


If you are already planning your packing schedule, moving specialists strongly recommend to pack and store belongings that are rarely used. This might include your precious china and utensils, photo albums, and clothes that you rarely wear. Packing these items in advance would help you in eliminating them from your list in case you have an urgent packing session. Packing belongings that you regularly use would be a useless and repetitive effort as you will have to put them back again in the box after every use.


  • Label your boxes appropriately


Packing your belongings properly the first time can help make unpacking easier, and it should start with labeling your boxes accordingly. Expert  storage companies in dubai advise their clients to label their parcels and boxes according the rooms they will be placed. Labeling your boxes by numbers is just good for counting the boxes when you load them in the truck. But labeling your boxes by room would help you sort out which items belong to a specific space.


  • Save on packing supplies by using your linens


If you are running tight in moving budget, you can save some pennies by using your home linens and towels as packing materials. Instead of buying bubble wraps and other packing materials, you can use your towels and linens to wrap fragile items like photo frames, lamps, and breakable items. But for electronic devices, it might be best to invest in styros and bubble wraps to protect them during transport.


  • Create a floor plan in advance


Once you arrive in your new space, one thing you need to contend with is the unpacking and organizing. You can lessen the unpacking stress by creating a floor plan indicating where to put your furniture and belongings. Creating the floor plan a little too late would cause disorganization and would delay the unpacking and organizing in your new abode.