01 Apr

5 Different Types of Safe That Customers Should Know

When talking about safe boxes, the first thing that comes to mind is the document safe we usually see at homes and offices. But there are a number of safes available in the market that various industries use for their business.


Read on and know the types and kinds of fireproof safes and what their purpose are:


  1. Narcotic safe


You usually see this kind of safe in pharmacies and medical facilities. This kind of safe is built to store medicines and other pharmaceutical chemicals. Apart from strong restrictions, narcotic safe is built with a cooling system that maintain chemicals at room temperature. This safe also includes compartment shelves to organize the content stored inside the safe and pull-out shelves to make it convenient for the users. It is also built to withstand elements like time and unauthorized access.


  1. Gun safe


A gun safe is usually used by individuals who own a couple of guns in their residence or business owners who are dealing with ammunitions and ammos. A gun safe is necessary not only to keep these possessions safe, but also prevent unauthorized person from gaining access to these dangerous machines. The military also use an industrial-grade gun safe to protect their guns and ammunitions. This safe is known for its durability and impeccable security.


  1. Data media safe


This kind of safe is usually used by businesses dealing with important data. These establishments need a specialized safe where they can store date storage equipment and other sensitive data carriers. Users can store USB, flash drives, hard drives, and CDROM inside the data media safe. This safe is known to withstand elements like water and fire breach. This safe is usually customized to suit the client’s requirements.


  1. Filing cabinets


You usually see filing cabinets inside offices, but they can also be categorized as a kind of safe. Filing cabinets are used to store and secure physical data and paper trails of companies and businesses. They can go from simple steel-made cabinets to fireproof storage. It can also be customized to fulfill the client’s storage and file security requirements.


  1. Jewelry safe


If you own important pieces of jewelry, it is a must that you get a jewelry safe. A jewelry set is built to secure and protect these valuables and investments. They are built to protect these pieces from the elements and keep the item in pristine condition.