26 Mar

Interior Designs for Eco-Friendly Living

Green living is all the rage right now. With the current state of the environment, a lot of people are putting emphasis on how they can incorporate sustainable-living into their lifestyle. Aside from recycling, a lot of homes and establishment are now making their spaces environment-friendly. In fact a lot of UAE interior design companies are incorporating green on their designs.

If you are thinking of giving green-living a go, you can start by following these interior design tips and start making your space eco-friendly.

  1. Go with natural light

Getting sunshine inside your home can do wonders for your space.  For one, you can save on electricity by allowing natural light inside. This will serve as your lighting fixture during the day. It can also add curb appeal in your home as it can make the space look wider and cleaner. Install a skylight in your house to let the natural light in and go for open shades.

  1. Go for natural materials

If you are bent on creating an eco-friendly space, start with using natural and organic materials. There are a lot of interior design stores and furniture that offers organic-made fixtures. You can use wood for your wall or flooring. Do not be afraid to experiment on the design. You might be surprised on how many designs you can come up using natural and organic materials.

  1. Go for energy-sufficient lights

Natural light is a good source of lighting during the day. But you also need lights during the night. You can still maintain your eco-friendly plan by using compact fluorescent lights.  This type of lighting fixture can help your save on electricity and it doesn’t emit greenhouse gasses.

  1. Go for multi-purpose furniture

Buying loads of furniture can clutter the look and design of your space. Use furniture that is multi-purpose. Use a table that can also double as a countertop. This can help you spend less on unnecessary pieces.

  1. Go for pre-loved fixtures

Instead of spending money on new furniture, opt for pre-loved fixtures. You can save tremendous amount of money from purchasing new ones, but you can also help save the environment since you are lessening the need to cut down trees to make new furniture. You can also upcycle your old ones to match the interior design.

  1. Go for low-VOC paint

Paints that have high VOC (volatile organic compound) level are the culprits behind greenhouse gasses and can be hazardous to one’s health. Go for low VOC paints.

  1. Go for floras and faunas

Bring fresh air into your home by adding plants and flowers indoors. Aside from its eco-friendly benefits, it can also add decorative value to your space.

Having your house design in an eco-friendly way can bring a lot of advantages to you and your family. Go to Website to learn more about eco-friendly interior designs.