25 Apr

Careers to Choose From in a Design and Printing Company

Did you graduate with an arts degree, and with a major on multimedia arts? Do you consider yourself a designer? Are you a wordsmith who’s looking for opportunities to hone your skills and earn at the same time?

If you said yes to any of those questions, you’re probably qualified to work in a design and printing company. These companies print a wide variety of packaging, marketing, and other materials. They follow certain procedures and uphold strict standards to meet client specifications, satisfy their customers, and in the long-run retain a healthy working relationship with every stakeholder.

What are the careers you can explore if you want to work in a design and printing firm?

Graphic Designer

Did you like your coloring books when you were in primary school? Do you always volunteer to work on the props for your high school play? If you took an arts-related course in college and you’re familiar with the different computer systems designer use today, you can probably work as a graphic designer in your chosen firm. Graphic designers follow client specifications and may use a template or master file for creating marketing collaterals and other related products and services. With their knowledge on design principles, they can create materials and work on the technical colors for design, too.

Art Director

As the title implies, an art director decides how a certain design or printing campaign will flow. They may manage a designer’s workload, have the final say on vague styling issues, and in general take care of the graphic design group as a whole. Art directors are trusted and experienced, too, and they probably are familiar with certain scenarios and problems that can arise in a design studio.


If you’re a writer, you can also work in a printing press in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, or Dubai. Design and printing companies rely on writers who can produce copy that fits the company’s branding guidelines and delivers the right message to target customers. Copywriters may also check graphic designers’ work and suggest layout improvements if necessary.


While the copywriter produces the copy, the editor checks it against branding guidelines, grammatical rules, and tone of voice. However the copywriter sends messages is hooked on the firm’s own values and principles, after all. The editor is expected to know the ins and outs of the design and printing business.

Marketing Coordinator

This job entails following up on deadlines, checking a full-time employee’s skills and competencies, and maybe even suggesting copy improvements on the existing job. These professionals also present advertising ideas to clients and answer a designer’s work-related queries.

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