30 Apr

7 Interior Design Ideas for Small Living Spaces

Okay, so you have tight living space. You can barely move without tumbling on your furniture let alone design the space to more it look like an acceptable living space. It can be frustrating for these homeowners. But interior decoration companies in Dubai will tell you not to restrain yourself from designing your little haven..

As they say, the lack of space should not limit you from making it an awesome space to live in. Read on these tips and turn your tiny adobe to an adorable home.


  1. Buy multifunctional furniture

Double-duty furniture is in, even on home with ample space. So take advantage of these multifunctional fixtures that can add storage in your home. A sofa-cum-storage is great as you can use it for sitting and storing things. Foldable fixtures can also be use in the design.


  1. Maximize all the available space

Since you are dealing with a very limited space, you should think of other means to create one. One example is using your walls and installing a hanging cabinet that can serve as storage and design accent or mounting your equipment to save on space. Another thing is using space under the stairs to store other stuff.


  1. Create the illusion of space

Use the concept of illusion to create space. You can achieve this by hanging high curtains instead of using your normal window curtain. High curtains create an illusion of space and height.


  1. Let the light in

Natural light can bring a sense of brightness to a space, especially to small spaces. Always open your windows and let the sunshine in. If you have limited windows at home, be sure that your space is well-lit.


  1. Bring in the colors

Do not be afraid on using different hues on your small space. The key here is to mix and match them to make the space brighter and livelier. Mix and match patterns and colors but do not overdo it.


  1. Be strategic on the accents

As much as we want to hang all our photos and frame, it is advisable to keep this to a minimum. Place accents on strategic places to highlight the focal point of your home. If you have too many frames, do not put in on a single wall. Instead, put it on different parts of the house to serve as part of your design scheme.


  1. Make use of your windows

If you limited seating furniture, make use of your windows. Just simply put a beautiful throw pillow on the side and you have an instant extra chair in your home.


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