01 Jun

Tips to choose the right Villa cleaning service

It’s quite troublesome when you want to hire the cleaning services for your villa but you couldn’t find any! Well, in this case the best thing is to become a detective of Sherlock Holmes and dig down almost everything! Means, you need to check your newspaper, you need to dig deeper into the bundle of newspapers which you didn’t bother reading.

Research is the main ingredient

You need to search for it in the classified section, moreover you need to search it on yellow pages and last but not the least, take help from Mr. Google! If you are in Dubai and you search for villa cleaning services in Dubai, you will get multiple results from different sources but the real thing is to choose the services of a right company.

Who should you trust?

A villa is a big thing; if you are giving it in the hands of cleaning services then you need to make sure that your villa is in safe hands. Before hiring anyone on-board you need to make sure that the services which you are hiring has gathered appreciation from the previous clients. You need to ask them for 3 references at least so that you can inquire about their services.

Moreover you need to complete your research work, inquire with the business bureau and make sure that no complaints got registered for them.

Should you schedule for interview?

Don’t ever think of scheduling an interview unless you are done checking with the references. Moreover you can get a police record easily, you just need to spend few bucks on it.


You need to closely asses the people before hiring them. Talking on phone doesn’t matter. You need to look for each and every aspect. How is his communicating style, how does he respond to several things, when you ask for his referrals just mention it to him that you will be calling those referrals and might pay a visit to them. Don’t forget to ask the question regarding their experience with villa and office cleaning.

If you have an office in Dubai and you are looking for office cleaning companies in Dubai, possibility is that you will find a list of companies but to spot the right one is your decision to take. So, before taking villa or office cleaning services on-board, make sure that you evaluate them appropriately.