08 Oct

Simple Hacks Of Keeping Your Office Clean

Your workplace is a very important space. It is where you and your employees spend almost 10 hours of your day, 5 to 6 days a week. This is a place where productivity should be harness and creativity should be hone.

And it is also imperative that your workspace would be clean at all times to ensure that your workers will be able to do their jobs and more. If you are keen on having your workspace spotless, here are some tips from top companies who provide professional maids in sharjah.

Be strict with the policies

All companies have cleanliness policies stated on their manuals. However, these rules are often disregarded since there is no strict enforcement being done by the human resource department. To instill that cleanliness is a must, be sure that these rules are being followed to a letter. Always remind them the importance of these policies and what the repercussions are if these rules are not followed or disregarded. Do some inspection once in a while to check whether the employees are following or not.


Reward the followers

One of the best way to make people follow you is to reward their accomplishments, no matter how small they are. If you are keen on punishing the rule-breakers, then you also need to give credit to those who are following your cleanliness rule. A simple acknowledgement through email or providing a reward system would encourage more employees to follow the cleanliness policies set.


Do some in-depth cleaning

Okay, this tip might not involve your employees but is a just on keeping your workspace clean. Deep office cleaning is done ideally twice a year to sanitize the whole place. This is strictly being followed by business related to the hospitality industry. But even if you are not, doing office deep cleaning will not only keep your work space sanitized but it will also show the people inside the space how serious you are on maintaining the office space.


Provide cleaning materials

Some employees may not be pushed hard enough to clean their workstations because they don’t have the materials that they need. Provide them with cleaning tools that they need to keep their spaces tidy. If you cannot provide each one of them their individual cleaning tools, then be sure they know where to find the cleaning equipment used on the building.


Be an example

The best way to convince your employees that you are serious on keeping office cleanliness is to do it on your own space. Show your employees how it is done and they would follow you.

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