31 Mar

Tips to help you hire a tax consultant

There are certain elements that require ample attention if you plan on hiring a tax consultant to help you with your returns. Choosing the right tax consultant can go a long way in terms of helping you save substantial amounts of money. If you do not make the right choice, you will end up having to deal with missed deductions, lack of advice and the need to hire another professional to sort things out. If anything, those who have complex returns with various judgment calls should seriously consider getting in touch with a professional tax consultant right now. If this is what you are interested in, then consider the tips mentioned below to choose the best person for this job:

How qualified are they?

It is highly recommended for you to work only with a VAT consultant in UAE who will sign every return that they prepare. It is also necessary for them to mention their Preparer Tax Identification Numbers (PTINs). Apart from that, make sure that you question them as to whether they are affiliated with professional organizations or not. It is best to work with consultants who keep on attending continuing education courses.

How much will they charge?

You should refrain from hiring a person if their charges are based on a percentage of your refund. Discuss their charges before hand and make sure everything is settled. Also, make sure that you get your refunds deposited under your name directly to your account.

Check their history

Before making a decision, it is vital for you to check the consultants’ history. This is going to help you ensure that there have never been licensing revocations or disciplinary actions against them. All of this is meant to ensure that you hire a thorough professional with a solid working history.

Requests for records and receipts

Reliable and genuine professionals will continue to ask you in-depth questions and request you to provide backup information for records and receipts. All of this is meant to help them determine your deductions in the most precise manner possible. Apart from that, it is necessary for the individual to be accessible at all time both during and even the filing process. This is important so that you can acquire professional insight in case some concerns come up later on.

All of the tips mentioned above are meant to help you make sure that you hire only the best tax consultant in UAE. If you are still confused, click here for more details.