21 Nov

Choosing The Right Business Consultant For Your Offshore Company

Setting up offshore companies in Dubai can be big deal for business owners. It means that you are expanding your reach and testing the waters overseas. Although the process may seem easy based on the information you are being fed, you still need someone who can guide you through the process.

That is what business consultants are for. They will be the ones to handle the processing and incorporation for clients, especially the ones who are in a different jurisdiction. Given their role, you need to ensure that you find the firm that will handle your company’s expansion. Here are some tips on choosing the right firm:

  • Knowledgeable about the jurisdiction


Although there is a general procedure being followed when incorporating a business, each jurisdiction also has a set of rules and guidelines set for business owners who wants to apply. The requirements for RAK free zone companies are way different from other locations. Due to the distinct procedure of these locations, it is a must that your business consultants would know the requirements of these jurisdictions are and what is the process, so they can guide you thoroughly and will do the incorporating right the first time.


  • Has a number of staff to handle the processing


Experienced consulting firms have a number of staff under their wing to handle an influx of clients. If they have a few staff or employees, it might take them a little while to handle your papers. This can cause delays on your timeline. It would be best to pick a firm that has a number of competent staff to get the job done.


  • Connected to reputable banking institutions


An offshore bank account is one of the basic requirements for setting up an offshore company. But finding or picking the bank by yourself can be a little tricky, especially if you are not a citizen of that jurisdiction. Your business consultancy firm should be able to connect you with leading banking institutions or at least recommend a reputable one that you can do business with.


  • Provide other services


Once the company is registered and incorporated, you may still be needing assistance in other aspects like accounting, getting or maintaining the business space, and getting people to manage the offshore company. Some consultancy firms offer a variety of service to address these concerns. It would be best if you can pick a firm that has a wide array of service that can handle everything that you need.